The Strategy

  • In today's crazy stock market, why struggle everyday trying to understand and decipher what could be a good investment or short term trade idea?

  • Our simple strategy is to follow company insiders, such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers and Chairman of the Boards when they buy their own stocks.

  • People who manage a company understand its operation better than anyone else and know the best timing for trading their company stocks.

  • When executive officers and board members are willing to invest their own money to buy their company stock, we surmise they have in-depth knowledge about their companies' future. Insiders not only have insight into cash flow, earnings but other large events like mergers, buyouts and new products.

The Facts

  • The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires corporate insiders (CEO, CFO, etc.) to report all their buys and sells within two business days after the date of the transaction.

  • Corporate insiders must file a Form 4 with the Securities & Exchange Commission within 2 days. There are over 16,000 files a month with a dollar value over $13 billion.

  • Corporate insiders are prevented from buying and selling their own stock within a six-month period.

  • accesses this wealth of information to provide you with the most comprehensive picture of investment opportunities -- from a corporate insider or CEO's perspective.


What We Do

  • combs through all the SEC form 4 fillings on a daily basis.

  • Once a notable insider trade is isolated, we quickly a study the company's fundamentals, including: Valuation Measures, Profitability, Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, Share Statistics and Price Action.

  • We determine the best investment and trade ideas based on this information and alert you within one hour via email. Receive a REAL TIME ALERT when the biggest insiders make significant trades!

  • Even though I could charge hundreds of dollars a month for access to this information, I am tired of the little man getting burned and misled. That is why my fee is a mere $19.95 USD per month.

  • We are not licensed investment advisors. We do not purport to advise or suggest which securities members should buy or sell themselves. Members should always check with their licensed advisor to determine the suitability of any investment. You hereby acknowledge that any reliance on any materials should be at your own risk.

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